Perv Glossary D-F


DM – Acronym for Dungeon Monitor. In a BDSM play party, they watch the scenes to make sure house rules are followed and the play is safe.
DP – Double penetration.
D/s – Popular abbreviation for Dominance and submission. A relationship between a Top and bottom where one is Dominant and the other submissive. Can be for a scene or can be a long-term relationship or anything in between. (Also called Dom-sub, DS, D/S, D&S.)
Dacryphilia – Sexual arousal from seeing tears in the eyes of one’s partner. Something sadists sometimes find enjoyable or arousing.
Daddy – A role taken on by some dominants; especially common in age play.
Depilation – Removal of hair. Many Dominants require their submissive to shave certain areas, their whole body or just their pubic hair.
Dildo – A manufactured penis-shaped object.
Discipline – Whipping, spanking, verbal orders, etc for the purpose of training a submissive.
Dittle Sound – A straight urethral sound.
Dog-Training – Role-play games involving treating the bottom as a dog. Similar to Pony Training where the bottom is treated like a pony.
Dom – Short for Dominant.
Dominant – A Top. who controls a bottom, submissive, or slave.
Domination – Taking the Dominant role – controlling the bottom’s behavior, it can be role-play or in a D/s relationship. Dominatrix – A Domme; it implies being a professional.
Domme – A female Dominant. Can also be used interchangeably with Mistress
Double Penetration – Simultaneous penetration of the ass and pussy.
Douche, Douching – Injecting of a liquid, usually water, into the asshole or pussy, usually for hygiene purposes prior to sex or ass play.
Duct Tape – Also known as gaffer’s tape; used in many BDSM scenes (such as taping the submissive’s mouth shut). Dungeon – Dramatic term for a BDSM or Bondage playroom.


EMS Unit – see Tens Unit
Ecdyosis – Sexual arousal from stripping in front of an audience
Ecdysiast – A stripper
Edgeplay – Technically, this refers to knife play. But it has come to mean anything “on the edge.” Or considered “Extreme” It can even include fisting, asphyxia, play piercings, needle play, etc. One person’s edge can be another’s norm so there are no hard and fast rules defining what “edgeplay” is.
Edgeplayer – A person who partakes in edgeplay.
Electrical Play – Using electricity for stimulation. Professionally made electrical units are to be used – like the “tens” unit and the “violet wand.” Not for beginners.
Electrolysis – Permanent electric hair removal.
Electrotorture -Another, more dramatic, term for electrical play.
Emasculation – Permanent removal of the male sex organs. Sometimes simulated through the use of a chastity device or through a dominants restrictions forbidding typical male behavior such a urinating while standing.
Endorphin – A chemical produced in the body that seems to be involved in regulating the perception of pain. Endorphins give a “rush” similar to adrenaline (which is released simultaneously) and it is speculated that their release is the cause of the phenomenon known as “subspace.”
Enema – A thorough anal douche using a bag and tube.
Enema Play – Using the enema as a BDSM device in play.
Enforced Chastity – Chastity play where the Dom controls a sub’s sexual frequency and ability to experience sexual pleasure, usually with a chastity belt or other chastity device.
Extreme Restraints – A Bondage device that is very strict or terribly confining, usually not something used on beginners.


Face Fucking – another term for a blowjob. .
Fainting – A temporary loss of consciousness. Caused by lack of oxygen to the brain, can happen during extreme BDSM play – such as breath control, long pain sessions, etc. Can be dangerous (brain damage) when caused by breath control play.
Felching – Imbibing semen out of the vagina or anus
Fellatio – Giving head, a blow-job (BJ), going down on someone, being face fucked: the act of sucking or licking a penis, or having a penis inserted in the mouth.
Fellatrix – Someone whose specialty is Fellatio.
Femdom – A female dominant
Female Domination – Being controlled or lead by a female.
Fetish, Fetishism – An unusual obsession with something. Like a leather fetish, a latex fetish or a shoe fetish. Fetishes are only limited by the human imagination.
Fetish Attire – Clothes that reflect the wearer’s particular fetish, such as leather, latex, rubber or high heels.
Figging – Inserting a piece of fresh, skinless ginger into the rectum which causes a hot burning sensation without any lasting damage.

Financial Domination – Controlling another’s financial matters or money.
Fire Play – The use of fire in sexual play.
Fisting – also called fist fucking and FF. Attempting to place the whole hand into the rectum or vagina. Must be done with great care and sterility. Can provide exceptional orgasms.
Flagellation – BDSM-related whipping, beating and spanking for erotic stimulation.
Flogger – a multi-tailed leather implement.
Flogging – using a “flogger” on a submissive.
Foley Catheter – Type of catheter that can be inflated with sterile water.
Foot Worship – A foot fetish where the submissive worships the Dominants feet, usually in high heel shoes or boots.
Freeplay – BDSM play where there is no Domination or submission.
Frenum – Piercing the surface of the penis shaft.
Forced Lactation – Continual stimulation and sucking of the female nipple can sometimes produce milk. Also known as forced breast milking.

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