Perv Glossary G-L



Gaffer’s Tape  see Duct Tape.

Galateism – Sexual attraction to statues

Gauge – System of grading the thickness. The lower the number, the thicker the wire or material.

Genitorture – Pain play involving the genitals. (See Ball Torture, Cock and Ball Torture, Cunt Torture).

Gerontophilla – Preference for sex with the elderly

Go Down On – Still another of the endless terms for fellatio.

Golden Showers – Urination play. Also called (duh) “piss play.” And GS.

Gym Cap – Slang for condom.

Gynemimetophilia – Person sexually aroused by a female impersonator




Hafada – Piercing through the upper part of the scrotum.

Handcuffs – Commonly used BDSM device to restrain the wrists.

Hanky Code – Old guard leather community’s color code of sexual preference.

Harness – Elaborate bondage device made with leather straps worn on the body

Harpaxophilia – Arousal from being robbed

Hedralingus – Licking someone’s anus (also called rimming.)

Henna – A brown dye made from the leaves of the henna plant. Used in temporary tattoos.

High Heels – Popular objects of foot fetishists, along with boots.

Hobble Skirt – Very narrow skirt that restricts the wearer’s ability to take anything other than tiny steps.

Homilophilia – Sexual arousal from hearing sermons

Hood – A head covering, usually made of leather, that the Dominant wears to increase the “fear factor” in a BDSM scene or a submissive is made to wear to provide some degree of sensory deprivation.

Horse – In bondage, it is a modification of a sawhorse over which a submissive can be tied. Sometimes called a spanking bench.

Hypophilia – Breath play wherein sexual pleasure is derived from limiting the intake of oxygen. Usually accomplished by temporary choking. Very Dangerous.




Iantronudia – Sexual arousal from exposing oneself to a medical doctor

Iconolagny – Sexual arousal from statues of nude people

Immobilization – Extreme form of bondage where no body parts can move, one example is mummification. Not for beginners.

Infantilism – Role-play as a young child for sex play

Infibulation – closing off, obstructing or modifying, either permanently or temporarily, the male or female genitalia so as to alter or prevent the conduct of sexual intercourse.




John – A person who patronizes prostitutes.

Japanese Clover Nipple Clamps

– Type of adjustable nipple clamps that tightens as it is pulled. General preferred because they won’t easily slip off.




Kleptolagnia – Sexual arousal from stealing

Klismaphilia – Sexual arousal from giving or getting enemas

Knife Play – A specific form of “edgeplay” where the Dominant uses a knife to either cut or tease the submissive.

Knot – The easiest way to fasten rope in bondage.

Knismolagnia – Sexual arousal from tickling

Kolpeuryntomania – Sexual arousal from forced dilation of the vagina




Lactaphilia – Sexual arousal from lactating breasts

Lash – A strike from a whip, paddle, crop or flogger.

Latex Play – Play which uses paint on latex.

Leather – One of the most popular of fetish materials; many get excited by the look and/or feel of leather clothing, boots, etc.

Legcuffs – large handcuffs intended to be used to immobilize or restrict movement of the ankles

Leg Irons – Steel ankle cuffs. Patterned after British prisoner restraints. “Put him in irons!”

Limit – The point beyond which a submissive does not allow the Dominant to go. It can be a “soft limit” which can change over time, or a “hard limit” which is more or less written in stone. For example, a submissive might say, “fisting is my hard limit.” Or soft!

Lorum – Piercing through the skin on the underside of the penis.

Lunge Whip – see Quirt.