Perv Glossary M-Q


Ma’am – Term of respect for a female Dominant.
M/s – Master/slave. (Also, less popularly, MS, M&S or M-s)
Macrogenitalism – Sexual arousal from outsized genitals
Maid – Popular role-play where the submissive dresses up – and acts like – a maid.
Maieusiophilia – Sexual arousal from pregnant women
Malacca – A thick cane.
Maledom, male dom – A male Dominant.
Male Domination – BDSM play where a male is the one in control or who controls the submissive.
Mammagymnophilia – Sexual arousal from female breasts
Manacle – Metal restraints.
Martinet – Small flogger.
Masochist – One who gets pleasure from pain.
Master – Dominant, controlling partner in a D/s relationship, where the submissive partner is known as the slave.
Medical Scene – BDSM scene involving medical scenarios.
Menophilist – Sexual arousal from women on their period
Mentor – A teacher or advisor who often shows a “newbie” around the world of BDSM and D/s.
Mistress – Female analogue of Master.
Merinthophilia – Sexual arousal from bondage
Mommy – Analogue of Daddy in BDSM play. Sometimes submissives call their Mistress “Mommy.”
Mousetraps – Used as a BDSM device for nipple torture. A severe and pain cheap nipple clamp.
Mummification – A unique kind of bondage scene in which the whole body is wrapped tightly in a film – typically plastic wrap. (You never thought it would be used for that, did you?). Not for beginners.


Nailing – BDSM play where the scrotum or breasts are nailed to a board.
Nasogastric tube – Used in control scenes such as forced feeding.
Nasolingus – Sexual arousal from nose sucking
Necrochlesis – Sex with a corpse
Necrophilia – Sexual gratification from sex with the dead
Needle Play – another “edgeplay” where sterilized needles are inserted through the top layer of the skin (the epidermis). Most popularly it is done underneath and around the female nipple and the breast. Not for beginners.
Negotiation – discussing hard and soft limits and related items of BDSM taste before any play or relationship begins. It helps in defining Safe, Sane and Consensual between the dominant and submissive.
Newbie – Someone new to something such the BDSM play or lifestyle.
Nipple Clamps – Devices that clamp onto the nipples. Weights can be attached to stretch the nipples. Nipple Clamps often provide increased stimulation which can involve pain and pleasure. See Also, Japanese Clover Nipple Clamps, Alligator Nipple Clamps, Tweezer Nipple Clamps
Nipple Rings – Jewelry that looks like small hoop earrings that are inserted through pierced nipples. Another popular jewelry style for pierced nipples is the barbell. There also non-permanent nipple rings which stay attached by pinching the nipple.
Nipple Torture – To cause pain to the nipples. Typically by using nipple clamps, needles, mousetraps, pulling and twisting, etc.
Nipple Shield – Decorative nipple jewelry the encircles or even covers the nipple.
Nipple Weights – Usually weights suspended from either nipple clamps or from nipple piercings.
Novice – see Newbie.


Oculolictus – Eyeball-licking
Odaxelangnia – Sexual arousal from biting
Odontophilia – A tooth fetish
Ophidiophilia – Sexual arousal from snakes
Oral Sex – Sex involving contact between mouth and any other sexual organ.
Orogastric Tube – A tube from mouth to stomach. Used in force feeding scenes. Not for beginners.
Osphresiolagnia – Sexual arousal from foul smells
OTK – “Over the Knee” spanking were the subject is placed over the lap of the person administering the spanking.


PA – see Prince Albert.
PE – see Power Exchange.
Paddle – A flat instrument used for spanking purposes; usually made of wood or some other rigid material.
Padlock – Common type of lock used in BDSM play. Use to secure bondage restraints, securely fasten chain links together, as labia weights, etc.
Pain – Pain causes the release of endorphins that is thought causes the submissive to go into subspace.
Pain Games – BDSM play involving pain.
Pain Slut – Popular expression for a submissive who loves pain. Also a masochist
Pain Threshold – The point at which stimulation becomes pain.
Pansexuality – BDSM activities encompassing all sexualities, heterosexual, homosexual, trangender, etc.
Parachute Ball Stretcher – A toy resembling a parachute from which weights can be suspended in ball torture scenes.
Phallophilia – Fetish for large penises. Something most women have.
Permanent Piercing – Piercing the body in order to insert jewelry that is intended to be worn on at least a semi-permanent basis.
Piss Play – see Water Sports, Golden Showers.
Play Piercing – Piercing the body temporarily. All piercings are removed at the end of the session
Podophilia – See Foot Fetish
Pony Play – Role-play scene where the submissive takes on the role of a pony. Can be very elaborate.
Power Exchange – The dynamic whereby the Dominant is consensually given power over the submissive, whether for just the scene or for a relationship. Sometimes called Total Power Exchange or TPE.
Press Style Nipple Clamps – These are nipple clamps that press the nipple between two pieces of metal usually forced together by a thumb screw. The thumb screw allows them to be squeezed tight or jut enough to stay in place.
Prince Albert – Also known as a PA. A male piercing between the urethra and the underside of the penis. Not named after the Prince of Monaco.
Puppy Play – Perhaps the most popular of animal RPGs. Here, the submissive actually mimics a puppy. Sometimes it can evolve into a lifestyle where the “puppy” even sleeps in a cage.
Pushy Bottom – Old school phrase for a very demanding bottom. Associated with Topping from the bottom.
Pussy Torture – The use of BDSM devices – such as clamps – on the female gential area to produce pain.
Pygmalianism – Sex with statues or inanimate objects
Pygophilemania – Sexual arousal from kissing butt cheeks


Quirt – A type of buggy whip used for whipping the submissive. Easier and safer to use than a bullwhip.