Perv Glossary R-Z


RPG – Abbreviation for Role Play Games.
Rack – Bondage furniture patterned after the infamous torture device of the Inquisition. The bottom is put on it and “stretched” – but not in the extreme fatal way.
Real Life or Real Time – r/l or r/t – as opposed to virtual or cyber life.
Red – Most common safe word meaning stop.
Restraint – Limiting the bottom’s movement with the use of various bondage gear, equipment or devices.
Restriction – Limiting the bottom’s behavior or physical movement.
Riding Crop – see Crop.
Rimming – Tongue contact with the rectum or asshole
Ring Gag – A device that keeps the submissive’s mouth wide open. Also called a “piss gag”
Role Play Games – Taking fantasy roles in BDSM scenes. For example, nurse or doctor/patient, etc.
Rope – The most common of bondage equipment.
Rubber – After leather, the most popular fetish material.


SAM – Smart Assed Masochist. A pseudo submissive who attempts to control everything the dominant does.
S&M – Sadism and masochism. One who enjoy administering pain and one who enjoys receiving pain.
S/m – Modern term for S & M. Also SM, S/M, SMer
Sadist – An individual who enjoys causing pain. The term dates back to the Marquis de Sade.
Sadomasochism – The perversion of taking pleasure, especially sexual gratification from simultaneous sadism and masochism.
Safe, Sane and Consensual – A popular slogan in the BDSM world meaning that play should always be safe, with good judgment exercised. And, most importantly, it MUST be consensual.
Safe Word – A word or phrase a submissive can use to stop his or her scene. It is absolute. If a Dominant disregards a submissive’s safe word, that Dominant is considered “unsafe.” The most common safe word is “RED!” Some also use a caution word such as “Yellow” to signify that the dominant is approaching a limit.
Saint Andrew’s Cross – A popular piece of BDSM furniture where a submissive can be conveniently tied or cuffed to it and rendered immobile. It looks like a big cross!
Safe Sex – Using condoms and taking all necessary health precautions during sex.
Saran Wrap – Brand of cling film used in mummification scenes.
Scat – Fecal play. An abbreviation for “scatological.”
Scene – A BDSM session. Can be used to refers to “public scene” at a party where the participants let others watch or a “private scene” where just the dominant and submissive are present.
Schoolgirl Role-play – Popular RPG wherein the submissive is the “bad school girl” and the Dominant is the “teacher.”
Self-Bondage – The practice of performing bondage on oneself by oneself.
Shackle – Metal or leather bondage restraint device consisting of round cuffs joined by a chain or bar.
Shaving – It is very common in BDSM for submissives to shave their pubic hair.
Shoe Fetish – One who enjoys shoes. Popular fetish, even in the vanilla world.
Slapper – Rigged paddle modified to make a loud sound. 
Slave – A term used interchangeably with “submissive.” Some consider a slave a more extreme version of a submissive.
Slave Contract – A signed consensual contract, wherein a submissive or slave cedes to the Dom or Master a specified set of powers over her for a set period of time. Although legally unenforceable, it is still a powerful document between dominant and slave
Sound – Medical device to be inserted into the urethra in medical play. Also called “urethral sounds.”
Spanking – To slap on the buttocks with the open hand, or a short flat object such as a paddle or a hairbrush. Used as both punishment and/or in role-play context in BDSM scenes.
Spanking Bench – BDSM furniture, a variation on the saw horse, onto which a submissive is attached (by cuffs, rope, etc.) for the Dominant to spank and play with.
Speculum – Medical device intended for opening and examining the rectum or vagina; used mostly in “doctor/medical scene” play.
Spencer Paddle – Type of wooden paddle with holes drilled though it.
Spreader Bar – A long metal rod that holds the submissive legs, thighs or even wrists wide apart.
Stigmatophilia – Sexual attraction to those with body modifications or tattoos
Stocks – A piece of bondage furniture patterned after the Puritan model. The head and hands go through holes while the submissive is standing.
Straitjacket, Straightjacket – Confining device used mostly in psychiatric wards to restrain the insane. It is intended to prevent the movement of the arms and is usually impossible to remove without assistance.
Strangling – see Breath Control.
Strapon – A belt or harness that has a dildo attached. IT allows the wearer the ability to fuck another either in the vagina or anus.
Strapping – Another term for a “beating”.
Sub – see Submissive.
Subby – see Submissive.
Subbie – see Submissive.
Submission – The act of submitting to the will and desire of another, usually within negotiated limits.
Submissive – An individual who consents to give up power to a Dominant. This can be for any duration – for an hour or a lifetime.
Subspace – A state of mind and body – often like a trance – caused by endorphins emitted during a BDSM scene.
Surface Burn – A temporary brand, usually produced with copper wire heated less hot than steel used in making a permanent brand.
face Piercing – Temporary piercing through the skin’s surface.
Suspension – suspending a submissive with ropes, webbing or chain so that no part of the body touches the floor. Not recommended for beginners.
Switch – A person who can both Top and bottom depending on the situation and his partner. Many switches have switches as partners.


24/7 – A 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. At all times.
TENS Unit – Acronym for Transcutaneous Electrical Neural Stimulation unit. Used for sexual stimulation is electrical play scenes. See also Violet Wand.
TPE – Total Power Exchange; term reserved for established 24/7 Master/slave relationships.
TT – Tit torture.
Temporary Piercing – Piercing the body temporarily. All piercings are removed at the end of the session. Same as play piercing.
Thermolysis – A form of electrical hair removal.
Thong Whip – A whip made of thing strands of either leather or rubber. When swing lightly it will not cause much pain, when swung hard it can cause considerable pain.
Timophilia – Sexual arousal from wealth, yet another thing most females have even if the wont admit to it.
Top – A Dominant, the person who is in charge or has control.
Topping from the bottom – This is where a submissive dictates the action in a scene, something that is highly frowned upon. Can also be used in real time context. When a submissive becomes too demanding.
Torture – term meaning to cause pain.
Toy, BDSM – Any piece of equipment used in a BDSM scene.
Tragus – Piercing through the ridge on the face side of the ear hole.
Transgender – Not quite male, not quite female.
Transgenderism – incorporating manners, behaviors, appearance, etc of the opposite sex while still maintaining some of the above of your biological sex.
Tweezer Nipple Clamps – A style of nipple clamp that is like a pair of tweezers with a ring around the outside. As you push the ring toward the pincher ends, it causes the clamp to tighten or bite harder.


Urethral Play – Play involving the urethra, the tube that runs between the bladder and the outside of the body. Not for beginners.
Urethral Sound – Medical device to be inserted into the urethra in medical play.
Urolagnia – Sexual excitement from urine or the act of urination


Vacuum Pumping – Using the suction of a vacuum to increase the size of body parts.
Vampirism – Sexual arousal caused by drinking blood
Vanilla – People not in the BDSM or Fetish lifestyle. Most people, whether admitted or not have some sort of fetish.
Violet Wand – An electric device usually in form of a glass cylinder, which uses the effect of high frequency electric charges to apply intense stimulation.
Virtual life or Virtual Time – v/l or v/t – often used to describe “online life” as opposed to r/l (real life).


WS – see Water Sports.
Water Sports – The sexual enjoyment of urine play. Also called Golden Showers (or GS).
Wattenburg Wheel – A medical pinwheel that is commonly used in BDSM play to stimulate or cause a feeling sensation.
Wax Play – Play in which the Dominant brings hot wax on the submissive’s skin.
Web – A bondage device, popular in many dungeons, created with ropes that are spun like a spider’s web.
Weights – Used to stretch body parts such as nipples and labia; usually attached to clamps or piercings.
Whip – Usually made of leather with a medium size handle and long braided leather strings.
Whipping Post – In olden times, a post to which offenders were fastened for whippings. Reproductions are sometimes used in BDSM dungeons.




Zelophilia – Sexual arousal from jealousy

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