Perv Stories : 05/23/2019 ARCHIVED

Let me tell y’all bout that night I found out what HELLO KITTY really means. So this particular Sunday happened to be my I was turning up all day. That night I decided to try “rollers” for the first time. Now my experience with rollers would’ve probably been “okay” type of the first time you ever smoked weed. But everything that happened this night was BEYOOOND normal. First off...the first roller had mellowed me out and slightly horny with a nice buzz. I had smoked and had a little bit of liquor in my system. So a threesome popped of between me and an former classmate and his lady friend. It wasn’t till round 2 at my house(party got moved) that things got extra kinky! I popped another one RIGHT before we got it cracking again. I’m still feeling the same buzzed, mellow high I had before the first round. We going at it....he eating my’s feeling a little different but I ignore it and keep it pushing. His last friend tapped out at like 5/6 in the morning. I was neither tired or ready to stop. And neither was he. I was actually REALLY REALLY horny and didn’t understand why. He looked me dead in my face and said...”that’s b/c I put a roller in yo ass. And don’t ask what kind cuz I won’t tell you.” I laughed it off and he kept a straight face the whole time. I’m like he dead ass! So I shrugged it off and said okay and we got to fuckin again. Later that night someone offered me another roller to try but specifically one shaped like HELLO KITTY. She was makes you super fuckin horny. I was awe ok...fuck it why not!??! It didn’t hit me till the roller kicked in and how super fuckin horny I was; that the one he put in my ass was probably a Hello Kitty one.

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