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Bad appointment alert !
A few months ago i was newly single and finally got ready to try some new dick right ? So I met this nigga who I believed was a ZADDY & I was wronggggg. So it started with some nasty messages and whatever and when we finally set the appointment. So I get to the house and all the lights are turned off. I ain't think shit of it because I thought he was setting the mood. So we get started and I'm one of those girls who likes to watch the dick go in and out so as he was about to put it in I'm trying to see and he kept pushing me back down. I tried to feel for it and he kept moving my hands. So I said fuck it, he started stroking and I was confused on when he put the dick in. I thought I was tripping and then three pumps later he said he came & fell asleep on me.

Does Perv Nation process refunds ?

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