If you're on this page you either have a question or you would like to know if we have answers for questions..... and the answer is yes.

Q: Who is this store for? 

A: EVERYONE, no exclusions. Male, female, old, young literally everyone. We want everyone to feel like this is a business they can shop from with zero judgment.

Q: Are the toys body safe?

A: We try to carry the most body safe toys. If we come across something that is revealed to be a body hazard, we will remove it from our lineup. So far that has not had to happen.

Q: How do I clean & care for my boxed baes?

A: If you don't currently have toy cleaner on hand warm water and antibacterial soap works just fine. Do not submerge your boxed bae in water if it has a battery or batteries in it. We carry various sprays, foams and maintenance powders. Check the production descriptions for cleaning tips, if it's not listed email us.

Q: How do I store my boxed baes?

A: Cool spots, you can damage your boxed baes if they're exposed to too much heat. If you don't keep the original packing store them in a toy bag which we carry some of the bags have antimicrobial agents. Some toys come with dust bags as well. Boxed baes made from glass, metal, and hard plastic can be stored together. Silicone, TPR, TPE & rubber should NEVER touch or be stored together. This can cause chemical interactions and weaken or possibly destroy your boxed bae. CLEAN AFTER EVERY USE.

Q: How are the toys measured?

A: The most confusing part of buying toys is the length measurement. When purchasing a dildo or vibrator looking for the INSERTABLE length is very important. The overall length can be 8 inches with 6 insertable inches.   

Extra safety tips: 

Make sure your lubricants are compatible with condoms and select the proper lubricant for the purpose you need it to serve. Do not mix anal and vaginal bacteria. Use a condom if you're going to be sharing your boxed bae with a partner. If you experience any adverse reactions do not continue to use the product.